Loyalty Management Cloud

A cutting-edge and cost-effective IT product that allows you to build and realize successful loyalty programs in an omnichannel environment

Discover new customer loyalty opportunities

The cloud-based platform that we provide helps you design and execute personalized loyalty programs, interact with your customers across multiple channels of communication, and track the performance of their engagement in real-time.

Gain substantial benefits

Flexible business rule configuration, facilitated integration with external IT systems, state-of-the-art data security - these are but a few of key functionalities of our product. Plus, the platform is provided as a service, so you can enjoy the full spectrum of its functionalities right after the decision is made.

Build a bond with your customers

Our platform provides both practical & technologically advanced mechanisms for managing various marketing activities and loyalty programs that can help you increase market share and strengthen long-term relationships with all program members.

Choose the tools that you need

CLM Cloud is a modular platform that includes both back-office apps for program administration and management, and front-end apps dedicated to the program members, as well as open API support.

Taking customer loyalty to the next level

A simple & affordable product for advanced loyalty management

Get the right technological support

By choosing CLM Cloud, you will receive a set of core services and modules that guarantee a smooth launch of your loyalty programs and ensure appropriate support so you can start using the platform with no effort.

Combine it with additional tools

We provide a wide portfolio of optional CLM Cloud modules & services that complement the platform's basic functionalities and ensure the success of your loyalty marketing projects.

Start using it in no time

Because our product is a cloud-based platform, you can enjoy its full operability after just a few weeks from the moment that the contract is signed - without the need for time-consuming project implementation.

Adjust it to your needs

Our goal was to deliver a cloud platform that is both robust and affordable. Therefore, we made CLM Cloud available in a Pay-per-Use, subscription-based model. As a result, the overall cost depends strictly on the number of transactions you make.