EDI & e-Invoicing Cloud

Advanced cloud-based platforms enabling effective, legally-compliant exchange of electronic documents via modern communication channels.

B2B2G Community

Join the community of over 130 000 entities located worldwide, connected via a robust B2B2G network incorporating business analytics, monitoring, archiving, and master data synchronization (GDSN) functionalities.

Automated supply chain processes

Our cloud products adopt an end-to-end approach to supply chain processes and Big Data analyses. Get full visibility on data analytics. Use cloud-based electronic communication to significantly improve both the quality of your data as well as your relationships with all partners around the world.

Global legal compliance

Comarch products provide the right support for the recent & upcoming legal changes – not only do they ensure the integrity of content, the authenticity of origin and legibility assurance but they also guarantee that your sensitive data will be secure and archived for the period of time determined by the regulations.

Proven global experience

Our solution has already been chosen by numerous global enterprises who are now using it to improve their business operations significantly.

Partners self-onboarding

We provide user-friendly tools that speed up the provisioning process for both small and large enterprises significantly.

Standards support

Comarch created its product on the basis of global data exchange standards. As a member of GS1, ECR, EESPA or VeR organizations we follow best practices to help you achieve better business results.