The implementation of electronic data interchange at Unilever


Unilever is one of the first companies to use electronic documents to facilitate cooperation with retail chains. The enterprise uses a variety of document types, such as ORDER, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC, INSDES, OSTRPT, RECADV and PRODAT. It is also one of the first companies in Russia to implement electronic invoicing that meets the requirements of local legislation.Since 2007 in Russia, and 2009 in Ukraine, Unilever has been working with Comarch to organize electronic document circulation between the company and retail chains. The company joined the Comarch EDI platform via the AS2 communication protocol using the optimal system for its document format. In addition to the integrated connection, Unilever employees use the Comarch Web-EDI application to work with electronic documents on a daily basis.The next step of our cooperation was the implementation of the solution improving the management of processes related to distributors’ orders. This was integrated directly with the existing ERP system, which allowed many partner companies to receive timely information on Unilever’s product range and prices, and subsequently to place orders. All these activities are carried out through a special web portal. Document types such as ORDRSP, ORDER, Price List and Material Master were implemented.

“By implementing the Comarch EDI solution, we can fulfill more than 80% of orders electronically, which allows us to increase sales without hiring additional staff. ”

A. Gużwin, Implementation Manager, Unilever


  • Reduction of time for preparation of documents
  • Freeing resources to perform other tasks
  • Fast and accurate communication of business information
  • Reduction of the number of incomplete deliveries arising from the delayed receipt of information
  • Significant reduction in costs associated with the transfer and storage of paper documents