REWE Group

REWE Group

Electronic document exchange with suppliers in REWE Group

The goal

Before the implementation of the Comarch Web-EDI supplier portal, the REWE Group used a classic EDI solution for electronic document exchange. This solution was addressed to larger suppliers, and document exchange was possible through direct EDI integration. The downside of this solution was that most smaller suppliers were unable to exchange documents electronically.

“Comarch EDI makes it possible to improve communication with business partners, and to automate ordering processes. This allows the REWE Group to save time and reduce effort, at the same time guaranteeing high security in business processes.”

Dariusz Biernacki, Head of Business Development


Comarch EDI offers suppliers of the REWE Group the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy searching of documents
  • The PO-Flip functionality to generate delivery notes and invoices for orders with one click
  • Document upload
  • Preparing document drafts and checking document status
  • Matching delivery notes with shipment labels
  • Printing shipping labels with a defined layout
  • Sending email notifications of arriving documents
  • Ability to print or download documents in various formats, such as PDF and CSV
  • Checking document history for the last six months
  • Matching with individual requirements, such as setting filters and defining columns


The Comarch EDI offered under the SaaS model are stored centrally at Comarch’s Data Center. Therefore, the REWE Group was able to avoid the investment related to providing the essential technical facilities and the installation of software. The Comarch Web-EDI solution enables the REWE Group to exchange orders, delivery notes and invoices electronically with all suppliers, even if these suppliers do not have adequate facilities for electronic communication. Thus, it was possible to reduce costs and shorten the duration of the order handling processes in the REWE Group.