Comarch EDI at Metro-nom

The goal

The interchange of business information and paper documents between a retail chain and its suppliers entails high costs connected with processing large amounts of data and errors arising from, for instance, the human factor of document handling. In this case, the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was a logical way to improve business communication. METRO-NOM decided to migrate to the Comarch solutions because of business opportunities related to an advanced Comarch EDI, which replaced the previous tool utilized by the company. METRO-NOM was looking for a strategic partner to supply a cutting-edge EDI transaction platform for managing business partners and transferring business information. The supply goal was to achieve best-in-class service in conjunction with competitive pricing and improved functionality. Additionally, METRO-NOM expected to work with a partner with the capability to improve the relationship, and the scale to handle the dynamic nature of their business, including performing these services globally.

“Comarch EDI significantly improved Metro AG’s business communication with suppliers. What is more, it also enables rapid decision making and appropriate responses in a constantly changing business environment.”

Gabriele Timm, Provider Management Officer at METRO-NOM


The EDI project at METRO-NOM covered two areas:

1. The migration of the EDI services from the former provider to Comarch EDI

2. Continuous Managed EDI Services for METRO-NOM.

The migration part of the project can be characterized by the following numbers:

  • 24 countries worldwide
  • 35 sales lines
  • 234 mappings
  • over 20 thousand trading partners

The migration phase was successfully accomplished one year after the start of the project and from that moment METRO EDI infrastructure for 24 countries and 35 sales lines is managed by the Comarch team.


  • Reduction fast of costs International experience
  • Positive influence on environment (CSR)
  • Safe and fast data transfer
  • Full service and automation of supply chain processes