Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin optimizes goods reception with DESADV and SSCC


Leroy Merlin has been using Comarch EDI to exchange orders and invoices with suppliers since 2006. The chain interchanges about 200 000 documents with a group of 800 suppliers every month. Additionally, the Archive module offers invoice archiving in accordance with the relevant laws. This is why a decision was taken to develop the functions of Comarch Web-EDI, the web application which suppliers use to create and send invoices. Comarch’s Project Manager has prepared a user guide for every supplier participating in the project. Moreover, consultants from Comarch’s Service Desk help suppliers solve all problems. Furthermore, the Tracking module enables Leroy Merlin to track and verify the accuracy of documents exchanged with business partners. Current access to information reduces the time required to clarify inaccurate or lost documents.

“Leroy Merlin recommends Comarch as the supplier of solutions for streamlining communication in processes across the supply chain. Comarch EDI has met our expectations and improved the efficiency of our logistics processes as planned. ”

Katarzyna Kowalska, Logistics Director Leroy Merlin Polska


  • Shorter time of first delivery control by 25 minutes
  • ROI for developmentof the Comarch Web-EDIfunctionality for suppliers
  • Less administrative work by 15-35 min/delivery
  • Higher quality of labels, improvement in scanning
  • No printing ofdespatch documents - over 1 tonne of paper saved in year 1 of project
  • Quicker identification of discrepancies