Comarch EDI in Carrefour Polska

The goal

The interchange of business information and documents in paper form between a retail chain and its suppliers entails high costs of processing large amounts of business information and errors arising from, for instance, the ’human factor’ of document handling. In light of the above, implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology was a logical response to the challenge of improving Carrefour’s business communication with suppliers.

EDI is a fast, reliable and – first and foremost – a safe way of exchanging information between business partners. In 2005, Carrefour Poland and Comarch began to work together on a pilot project concerning mass EDI communication.


The official implementation project began in 2007. At the beginning, Carrefour sent electronic orders to its suppliers. Another stage of the EDI project involved the implementation of electronic invoices and invoice adjustments. Because of introducing these types of electronic documents and since suppliers used additional tools to safely store e-invoices, both Carrefour and its partners were able to abandon exchanging paper documents and considerably cut all related costs.


  • reduced cost related to paper document management (filling in, printing, sending, storing, etc.)
  • reduced document achiving costs
  • monitoring of sent documents and possible quick response depending on the situation
  • less erroneous documents, which usually accompany manual processing
  • optimized logistic processes
  • processes automatization