Boost e-wallet solves business issues with Comarch Data Center services

The goal

Due to the constantly expanding user and merchant base from the e-wallet application, as well as regulatory requirements, Boost decided to implement security using local data center infrastructure. After a thorough comparison of offers, Boost decided to cooperate with Comarch Data Center Services, due to the differentiated approach to enterprise licensing and competitive proposal that reduced costs significantly, and because of flexibility granting the possibility to scale the service.Apart from the high security requirements, Boost had to implement the solution quickly to gain the market share. Project implementation was challenging, due to the parties operating in different time zones, the necessity to synchronize task execution, and the challenging migration and VPN network configuration processes. Good cooperation resulted in successful project implementation in short time frame.

“Working with Comarch was a pleasure. We knew the project requirements were very demanding, but Comarch engineers were up to the task. ”

Onn Chau Kok, Project Manager Axiata Digital eCode, BOOST


BOOST has two separate facilities. A disaster center was chosen within a certain distance of the main production environment in the city center. The deployment was conducted in two phases. Phase one required synchronization and migration of the customer’s data. In order to do this, Comarch DC specialists created a temporary production environment while deployment of the final hardware platform was pending. The second phase involved the installation of hardware, configuration of the operating system, databases, monitoring and network, and the creation of backups. The migration of the production environment was completed successfully on time without any service degradation.


  • Data security improved and adjusted to the strict data safety policies
  • Flexible implementation that allows expansion of the solution in the future
  • Flawless communication with the client and suppliers despite different time zones
  • Simplify your data center operations with one team focused on your needs